River Hills nurse performs CPR, saves man who collapsed

(Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)

A River Hills nurse saved a man's life by quickly performing CPR after finding him on the ground Friday, Jan. 6.

River Hills police said the nurse was passing by when she checked on the man on the ground who had apparently collapsed while doing yard work. She started CPR, and North Shore Fire/Rescue firefighters/paramedics took over, taking the man to the hospital for further treatment.

"The subject survived because of CPR and what started as the actions of one passer by," River Hills police wrote on social media. "In this case it was someone trained in the medical field, but it did not have to be.  Anyone with the training and the will to step in could of saved this subject's life.  We do not want to take anything away from the actions of the nurse, officers, or firefighters that day, they saved this man's life.  Instead, we want to push the importance of learning CPR, so that it doesn't take someone in the medical field or a first responder to step in to start CPR."

River Hills police urged everyone to take a CPR course and get certified, noting, "You never know when you could be in a situation where you need it."