Rich's Favorite Things: Gadgets, Apps and Services

It's another round of favorite things! Rich is sharing this month's finds of great gadgets and gift ideas, ranging from ways to turn your Android phone into a gaming system to the easiest way ever to order a framed picture. This month's favorite things are small, but useful. 

Chances are you've got a hotspot and dead spots. That's where the $40 Netgear Wi-Fi Booster comes in; it has a way to get your Wi-Fi to reach every corner of your house. Plug it in, connect to your network and you'll be able to extend your hotspot all over the house so you surf in more places.  

Books make a great gift, but what to unwrap if your recipient has an E-Reader? That's where Livrada E-Book Gift Cards come in. You can redeem them for a book on a Kindle, Nook or Kobo. This product is available at Target for various titles. 

Speaking of gift, try emailing a photo from your smartphone to Snapbox turns your smartphone pictures into beautiful canvas prints. In seconds, you'll get an email back with how your photo would look in various frames and sizes. A few clicks later and you can have this at your door, starting at $10.  

Moga turns your Android into a gaming device, and games are more fun with a real controller. Jason Biheller from PowerA said, "So our goal was to provide a controller that could bring that console experience home to pretty much any Android mobile device or tablet." It's just $50 and many titles are free.  

Finally, take calls in style with the Bluetooth Handset from Good Call. For $80, you can chat while your phone charges and syncs. 

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