Rich's Favorite Things for March

Every month we're on hunt for tech gadgets that stand out. For the month of March we found a kid friendly iPhone case, a luxurious mousepad and a few other things that will make life a little bit easier.

We'll start things off with Griffin's Woogie, a stuffed animal case for the iPhone and iPod touch that comes to life.

Entertain toddlers with videos or download the free interactive app for the Woogie. The plush protects your devices while keeping the toddler happy. It comes in two colors, blue or pink, and retails for $20.

Next up, you know iRobot for the Roomba, now meet Roomba's sister robot, the Scooba.

The Scooba 390 combines the best of both worlds: it vacuums and washes floors. Being lazy doesn't come cheap though. The Scooba sells for $500, but crossing off a choir on the weekends may be priceless.

Now that you have organization at home squared away, how about when you're on the road?

With today's gadget centric world, packing for travel means miles of tangled cables. For one inventor, that was the motivation for her product.

"I traveled a lot and I took a lot of electronics as a lot of people do I was always finding all of my cords tangled once I got to the other end," said Bari Harris, creator of Cordinizer. "I went online looking for something that would simplify the problem and make it quicker and easier to do and couldn't find anything so I just came up with this simple little Cordinizer."

It comes with three sizes to choose from and a pack of six is $7.

Here's another gadget invented out of necessity--the GoSmart Restpad.

"I've had a carpal tunnel issues...I didn't have any good solutions or good mouse pads with gel pads and foam pads," said Jae-Son creator of the Restpad. "I kind of started thinking about creative solutions and tried sheep skin."

Inventor Jae-son says sheep skin absorbs pressure better than gel pads on the market. The comfortable Restpad is sure to turn heads with its swanky design. It will go on sale on Amazon in April for $30.

And finally, a USB Internet stick that just works.

The Clear Stick Atlas, for $50, makes connecting to the web a no brainer. Just plug it in and when it finds a signal, you're ready to surf.

It works on a variety of devices with no software and no drivers needed.