Retired Packers, fans beam with pride for legendary Brett Favre; "we waited a long time for this"

WAUKESHA -- With Brett Favre being inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame, many of his old teammates came through town to show their support.

It's an exciting day for Packers nation. But it's not just the fans beaming with pride, it's also the men who shared the field with Brett Favre.

"Brett is our big brother so we're always proud of the things that he can do and what he brings to the state of Wisconsin so we're happy for him and we support him 110%," said Shannon Clavelle, retired Packer.

Andre Rison and Shannon Clavelle made a stop at Waukesha Sportscards to sign autographs while in town to show their support for #4. Both played in Superbowl XXXI, it was risen who caught Favre's first touchdown pass in the game.

"He threw me the ball for the touchdown. He can't separate, we're like Siamese twins in a subliminal way," said Rison.

Plenty of autographed Favre merchandise was also on sale from pictures to helmets to bobbleheads.

"He's going to be a Hall of Famer and that's when that type of memorabilia it just keeps growing in value," said Robb Dobratz, Waukesha Sportscards Owner.

Fans lined up to get memorabilia signed and of course, talk Favre.

"We waited a long time for this. I was actually at his first game for the injured Don Majkowski. Hall of Fame career started right here," said Rick Hughes, Packers fan.

"It's a great feat not only for him but also for the players that played alongside him because he didn't just play for Brett, he also played for the players that he played with and also the fans," said Rison.

After the autograph signing, Favre's former teammates will be warming up to play in Brett Favre's Legends Game on Sunday at Camp Randall.

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