Restitution can now be taken out of defendants' tax refunds

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- City of Milwaukee Clerk of Circuit Court John Barrett has announced restitution owed to victims can now be taken out of defendants' tax refunds.

This is made possible through an arrangement with the court's collection agency.

The collection agency has agreed to waive fees in restitution cases -- which means victims can now receive 100% of what is collected.

Barrett says restitution to victims through the tax intercept program has already exceeded $100,000.

Restitution is ordered by a court to compensate victims for damages incurred from a crime -- and is paid before any fines or other penalties in a case.

“We are very happy to be able to provide some assistance to those victims. It is normally very difficult to collect restitution because many of the defendants are incarcerated.  This should provide some victims with additional relief," Barrett said.