Rescue crews recover body of Dennis Flemion in Wind Lake

WIND LAKE -- Rescue crews recovered the body of Dennis Flemion Tuesday, July 10th. Flemion did not resurface after jumping from a pontoon boat in Wind Lake on Saturday, July 7th.

Divers recovered Flemion's body in water about 42 feet deep.

Authorities say 57-year-old Flemion was at Wind Lake for a family gathering on July 7th when he jumped off a pontoon boat and into the lake without a life-jacket on.

Authorities say Flemion was a good swimmer and knew the lake well.

Over 20 departments were involved in the search as of Tuesday, July 10th and crews had narrowed the search to three primary areas, with depths measuring around 50 feet. The depth of the water created challenges for rescue crews, as it is difficult to see in the dark, murky water.

Flemion was a keyboardist and co-founder of the Milwaukee band The Frogs.

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