Reported missing November 21st: Mequon police drain pond behind Jacquelyn Ranallo's home

MEQUON -- Mequon police on Tuesday, December 1st were draining a pond behind Jacquelyn Ranallo's home.

The 53-year-old woman was reported missing on Saturday, November 21st after she did not show up for a dinner appointment on Saturday night.

Jacquelyn Ranallo

She was last heard from on Wednesday, November 18th.

Police opted to drain the pond on Tuesday "just to be absolutely certain" -- but it didn't appear anything had been found Tuesday.

The draining of the pond located near Mequon Road and River Birch Drive began at 8:00 a.m.

"Took the dog for a walk and heard the pump going and was afraid of what I would hear with the pump. I know what they're doing. I know why they're doing it. I just would love to have closure for Jackie and her whole family," Lora Reinholz said.

Police tell FOX6 News K-9 searches of Ranallo's home and surrounding property have turned up nothing substantial in this case.

The last search was done on Friday, November 27th.

"Last Wednesday we did have some search and recovery dogs that were in the area. They did show interest in the pond area," Mequon Police Captain Dan Buntrock said.

Captain Buntrock says it wasn't a strong hit, but police decided to empty the pond just in case.

Police drain retention pond near Jacquelyn Ranallo's home

"We want to be thorough. Obviously if there would be a person inside the pond, we`d want to be sure so we can get them back to their loved ones," Captain Buntrock said.

A dive team was out at the pond last Wednesday.

Nothing substantial has been found thus far.

Jacquelyn Ranallo

There are still no signs of foul play or self-harm in this case -- but there's no indication at this point as to what led to Ranallo's disappearance.

Police found Ranallo's personal items, including her wallet, identification and vehicle at her home.

"We`re continuing to follow up on any leads that we have, gathering information. We have a lot of resources dedicated to it right now, and it`s very important to us," Captain Buntrock said.

Anyone with information that could help police in this case is asked to give them a call.