Report: Milw. image not recognized

A recent study shows that the City of Milwaukee has neither a positive nor a negative image, but rather, lacks a recognizable image nationally and internationally. The Milwaukee Image and Perception Task Force has been formed, and hopes to change Milwaukee's image, and show the nation and world all the great things the city of Milwaukee has to offer.

The Milwaukee Art Museum has become a recognizable Milwaukee icon locally, nationally and internationally. The task force hopes splashing that symbol on everything will help the city be better recognized on a national an international level.

The task force says they also hope to get Milwaukeeans to tout the greatness of their city and not just rely on outsiders like travel writers. They say Milwaukee residents know what's best about this city, and we should be telling Milwaukee's story.

"When they leave, whether they're travel writers or visitors, they say things like 'we had no idea you were on a lake,' or 'we had no idea it was such a clean and safe city.' It is our job to tell those stories,"

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says some of the great things Milwaukee has to offer include an extraordinary arts community, parks system, 20 percent of the world's fresh water, low labor turnover, low absenteeism, low loan default, second only to Boston in terms of students-per-capita, and better unemployment compared with the rest of the country.