Repairs begin at Mitchell International Airport after pipe leak

MILWAUKEE -- Repairs begin Wednesday at Mitchell International Airport  following an underground fuel spill. Officials say the pipe has been leaking for approximately two weeks.

Last week Hazmat Teams, The Milwaukee Fire Department, and The Department of Natural Resources were on site to investigate the pipes after reports of a gas-odor in the area.

After further investigation Milwaukee County officials determined that a fuel leak was coming from the airport grounds, and flowing into Wilson Creek and the sewer system.

Today crews will begin repairs by digging underground to find the exact problem in the pipe, its assumed to be a pipeline near one of the runways.

Officials say the pipeline has been shut off, and the leak is believed to be contained. However, as a precaution, there are skimmers on the creek near Howell and Layton Ave., to pick up any additional fuel in the water.

"In a week we've gone from identifying there's a leak, to getting very close to where the source is, to turning off the pipe and stopping it, without disrupting (the airport). Partnering with the DNR, the Coast Guard, and the city, the commitment to cleanup in-so-far as its impacted any area-- we're going to clean it up and get it paid for," said Milwaukee County Executive, Chris Abele.

Officials say they do not believe the fuel entered drinking water, or posed a major health risk.

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