Rep. Sensenbrenner holds 1st town hall since announcing retirement

BROOKFIELD -- He may be retiring but his term isn't over yet and there's still work to be done. Longtime Wisconsin Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner held another one of his town hall meetings on Saturday, Sept. 14 in Brookfield.

The Waukesha County Republican served in the House for the past 40 years.

He holds about 100 town halls each year; something this constituents say they appreciate.

"It really brings him personally to you so that you feel that you are being heard and you're able to bypass some of the beauracracy by being in the same room and not just talking on the telephone or via email," said Sandra Rebiger, constituent.

Sensenbrenner won't be seeking re-election at the end of his term in Jan. 2021. In his time in office, he's sponsored or co-sponsored nearly 4,300 bills with more than 200 of them being signed into law.