Rep. Jeff Stone announces resignation from State Assembly

MADISON (WITI) -- Representative Jeff Stone (R-Greendale) has announced that he will be resigning from the Wisconsin State Assembly after 15 years as a state legislator. Representative Stone's resignation will be effective Monday, October 14th.

It was announced on Thursday, October 3rd that the Public Service Commission has named State Representative Jeff Stone as the new Division Administrator for Water Compliance and Consumer Affairs.  Representative Stone has represented the people of the 82nd Assembly District since winning a special election in April 1998.

"Jeff Stone has served the people of Wisconsin well for the last 15 years," Governor Walker said.  "The Public Service Commission will be strengthened Jeff's professionalism and leadership.  I thank him for his work in the Legislature and look forward to working with him in his new role."

Representative Jeff Stone (R-Greendale) released the following statement regarding his
retirement from the Wisconsin State Assembly:

After 15 years as a state legislator, I am resigning from the Wisconsin State Assembly. I look  forward to continuing to serve all of the residents of the state of Wisconsin in my future  endeavors. My resignation will be effective Monday, October 14, 2013 at 5 p.m.

I am proud of the work that has been done on behalf of my constituents, the greater Milwaukee  region and this State. With my Republican colleagues, we’ve eliminated a structural deficit,  lowered taxes and helped make the entire state of Wisconsin a better place to work and live. As a  member of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s Board, I have held WEDC to  the strictest of standards. I have pushed WEDC to strive to improve over their predecessor  organization the Department of Commerce and grow Wisconsin’s economy by helping create  businesses, relocate companies to Wisconsin and improve this state’s job climate.

Early in my legislative career, one of my biggest highlights came when I was honored with a  National Legislative Leadership Award by the National Commission Against Drunk Driving for  authoring and passing into law innovative changes to drunken driving laws for the State of  Wisconsin. It was the first drunk driving legislation in the nation to be endorsed by both Mothers Against Drunk Driving and major brewing companies.

While the job is not finished, I have been an unwavering advocate of Voter ID and electoral
honesty. I sincerely hope that the legislature continues to carry the torch and ensure that
Wisconsin elections are safe and held with the upmost integrity.

Lastly, it has been an honor and a privilege to represent the 82nd Assembly District. I’d like to  thank my friends, family, and constituents from Raymond, Greenfield, Greendale, Franklin and  Milwaukee whom I am blessed to have had this unique opportunity to serve these past 15 years  and for their unbroken faith and support. A special thanks to my wife Lynn who has supported  me since I first decided to run for the Assembly.

Representative Stone was first Elected to Assembly in April 1998 special election and reelected since  November 1998. He represents the people of the 82nd  Assembly District which includes Greenfield,  Greendale and Franklin.