Remembering Zina Haughton, salon shooting victims

GLENDALE -- They gathered Saturday night to remember their friend. Zina Haughton was one of the people killed by gunfire at the Azana Spa and Salon in Brookfield. But her friends held a benefit in Glendale to raise money for their loved one, and all of the victims of October's shooting.

Friends of Zina Haughton said this was her place.

"Whether it was coming from work being all dressed up with our makeup on or it was crawling out of bed on a Sunday morning," said Renee Parenteau, her friend of 12 years. "Coming here makes me feel like I'm in some of  her space."

The pictures of Haughton help many relive the good times.

"It's a big loss for us not just as a customer but as a friend," said David Robbins, a server and bartender at the Silver Spring House.

And some came out to show their support even if they didn't know Zina Haughton.

"I've seen a lot of domestic violence in my life with not just me but with other people," said Mary Ellsworth.

"She was really talented and not too many I would let do my hair," said Parenteau, who said she trusted Zina Haughton with her hair, and will always remember her presence.

"What she shared that what was in her life was all of the happiness and love that she did have," added Parenteau.

As old and new friends got together Saturday night, they put their pocketbooks together. And in high spirits, remember a life taken soon.

A portion of all of the food orders Saturday will be donated to the Sojourner Family Peace Center, which helps victims of domestic violence. There was also a private fund people could donated to which goes directly to the Haughton children.