Relief that Boston bombings suspect is captured

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Even in Wisconsin, we've all had our eyes glued to the TV or internet. But some of our own friends and neighbors have been watching everything unfold from a window in Boston itself.

"I know it's been really hard for me I can't even imagine what the people who are in still in Boston are going through," said Chelsea Gilbertson.

Gilbertson was just two blocks past the finish line of the Boston Marathon when the bombs exploded on Monday, April 15th.

"We just heard these two really loud booms, it just sounded like a cannon," said Gilbertson.

Now back in Whitefish Bay, GIlbertson is trying to ease back into her normal routine. That's something that isn't easy given the national news coverage -- including Friday's massive manhunt.

"I just think it's incredible I'm so impressed by the efforts of the police and the FBI that they've been able to track the people down so quickly," said Gilbertson.

Among those who were under lockdown in Boston is former Wisconsin Assemblyman Sheldon Wasserman. In Boston for a conference, Wasserman spoke to FOX6 News by Skype from a downtown hotel.

"There are armored vehicles going by there are sirens going by, ah you see all different types of emergency vehicles going by," said Wasserman.

Wasserman was instructed to not leave his hotel and was told no cabs, buses or trains were running. By Friday evening, one suspect was dead and another surrounded.

"That helps a lot and it gives me comfort and just for the people of Boston knowing that they're a little bit more safe," said Gilbertson.

Gilbertson says now she can move on, but admits her heart is still in Boston.

"Part of me was in Boston and part of me will always be there because the feeling of crossing that finish line and that feeling of being part of that event is something that doesn't really leave you," said Gilbertson.

Wasserman is still in Boston as of Friday night. He tells FOX6 News people were celebrating and giving each other high fives up and down the streets.