Relatives say mob of kids threw objects at car, injuring 15-year-old

MILWAUKEE --  A 15-year-old is in the hospital after relatives say a mob of kids threw objects at the car he was riding in on Friday, hitting him in the face.

Isaiah Alexander's sister, Waleana says her brother was critically injured.  He was coming home from getting a job application in the area of 68th Street and Morgan.  Isaiah was on the passenger side, and his window was rolled down, so the window was not able to protect him.

His sister was shaken up when she saw her brother's injuries.  "We're very devastated because people's kids are out here running wild.  There are enough loose, stray animals out here without people's kids doing all of this extra stuff.  It's a mixture of outrage, being hopeful, being sad," Waleana said.

Waleana drove her brother to the hospital after the incident. "He had surgery on Friday because they broke bones. They had to fix his skull, so that it won't be adding extra pressure on his brain," Waleana said.

Neighbors say mobs of teenagers in the area have been an issue for a while, and they feared the worst would happen. Neighbors say the groups are large - some report seeing 15 to 30 teens together at the same time. "I'm concerned for the safety of the kids around here," neighbor Daniel Reyes said. "It's nuts. It's crazy how that happens," neighbor Scott Jedrzejewski said.

Waleana says her family is staying strong and they're optimistic her brother will get through this. "I want to see justice. I want to see who's responsible for this locked up," Waleana said.

Police say there have been six such incidents, including the incident involving Isaiah Alexander since March 14th.

Waleana says her brother remains in a coma at Children's Hospital.

If you have any information about these cases, you're urged to call Milwaukee police at (414) 935-7262.