Reebok refunds money after fitness claims

(CNN) -- For customers who purchased Reebok EasyTone and RunTone shoes that were part of a Federal Trade Commission settlement, your refund check is in the mail. The refund is part of a settlement reached between the federal government and the popular shoe maker over allegations of deceptive advertising claims that their shoes were better than regular shoes at strengthening and toning leg and buttock muscles.

Reebok already coughed up $25 million to settle the fitness claims the FTC disputed. Approximately 315,000 checks are being sent to customers beginning Wednesday, but if you haven't already filed a claim, the FTC says you're out of luck. The deadline for customers to ask for a refund ended in April according to the FTC's Cheryl Hackley.

The amount of money each customer will get back is based on what they paid for the shoes. On average, the FTC estimates the checks will cover 87% of the cost customers doled out when they bought the sneakers.

Customers receiving a check need to cash it before November 6, 2012.

The FTC is warning customers to be careful when shopping for fitness products and workout gear, and Reebok isn't the only shoemaker to come under fire for over-hyping the fitness benefits of their products.

In May, Skechers agreed to pay a hefty $40 million fine to settle charges they allegedly deceived consumers by making "unfounded claims that Shape-ups would help people lose weight, and strengthen and tone their buttocks, legs and abdominal muscles," according to the FTC. Besides Shape-ups, Skechers also made deceptive claims about other products including Resistance Runner, Toners and Tone-up shoes, the FTC alleged.

Customers seeking refunds for Skechers purchases may still do so according to the FTC.

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