"Reduced demand for products:" MetalTek lays off 60 employees at facility in Waukesha

WAUKESHA -- A major employer in Waukesha cut 13 percent of its workforce last week.

MetalTek has laid off 60 employees. The total number of employees was reduced to 412 from 472, according to MetalTek officials.

The layoffs were announced last week (week of November 9th).

MetalTek officials say other employees were laid off in July -- but that impacted fewer employees than the layoff announced last week.

MetalTek officials have released the following statement to FOX6News:


Reduced demand for its products has forced MetalTek International, Wisconsin Centrifugal Division in Waukesha to reduce staffing levels by 13%.  A broad softness in industrial markets has been driven by low oil prices, unfavorable exchange rates that limit exports, and a declining Chinese economy.  The company cannot anticipate how long the layoff might last, but is hopeful that its laid off employees can be called back as market conditions improve.

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