Red Cross spring blood drive is prime time to donate before summer

Steinhafels Red Cross blood drive

WAUKESHA -- As we know, blood is needed every day in the United States, but the American Red Cross wants donors before they get caught up with summer travel plans. Steinhafels employees led the way in a blood drive in Waukesha on Friday, May 11, as the American Red Cross is encouraging the public to donate.

"The need for blood is constant. Every day we need blood," said Jenelle Blavat, Red Cross donor recruitment representative. "In the summer donations usually decline and people are just busy with holiday travel."

Before getting caught up in summer plans, Debra Petersen -- from Delafield -- was taking it easy at the Steinhafels Education Center. The American Red Cross took care of the rest.


Debra Petersen

"If I'm eligible I'd like to try and donate," Petersen said. "It's kind of a feel-good for me knowing that you're doing something positive."

In fact, the Red Cross is the single-largest supplier of blood in the country. Which is made possible with the support of local business partners.

"It just makes sense people need blood all the time, we have this space. We have employees that are giving as well," said Stephanie Graham, who works at Steinhafels.

Steinhafels Red Cross blood drive

Steinhafels Red Cross blood drive

Also supporting the Red Cross missing is Agape Community Church in Pewaukee, as members of the congregation donated blood.

Steinhafels Red Cross blood drive

"We try to say we are, not a sit-in-the-pew kind of church," said Andy Marris with Agape Community Church. "We try and do a lot of things that help the community."

Andy Marris says, even with the less than desirable weather, members of the church are focusing on the good they can be donating.

"Lousy, rainy day but we've been really pleased how many people are coming in and giving blood," Marris said.

Steinhafels Red Cross blood drive

The Red Cross says, every two seconds someone in the country needs blood and encourages families as they plan their summer vacations to also plan their next donation day.