Recycle old appliances and put cash in your pocket

FRANKLIN -- Are you moving or making upgrades to your kitchen and want to get rid of your old refrigerator or freezer?  Instead of throwing them out, there's a new place to have them recycled and you can even receive a chunk of change for your old appliances!

The Focus on Energy program opened a new facility at JACO Environmental in Franklin Thursday, March 29th, that takes old appliances and begins the process called “de-manufacturing.” “It's really the mirror image of the manufacturing process.  We separate over 95 percent of the materials that went into making the refrigerator.  Then those materials are repurposed into making other products,” Michael Dunham, the Director of Energy at JACO Environmental said.

The metal, plastic and even the cooling chemicals and polyurethane foam inside old refrigerators and freezers are recycled, free of charge.  In fact, you even get paid to donate your old appliances! “Make an appointment to have their appliance picked up. We'll go to their house and we'll pick it up.  Then we’ll send them a check for $30 in the mail,” Dunham said.

The Focus on Energy program is an effort made possible through electric companies across the state encouraging owners to trade in energy-guzzling appliances for more energy-efficient ones. “These old energy hogs use three-to-four times as much electricity as one that is made today.  Whether you know it or not, it's costing you $150 to $200 a year to run,” Dunham said.

It'll also prevent greenhouse gases from entering the environment. “That's like taking a car off the road for an entire year, per refrigerator.  That's huge,” Dunham said.

The facility will serve the entire state of Wisconsin and will create close to 20 new jobs. “18 jobs is quite a few jobs in this environment, and on top of it, these are green jobs,” Franklin Mayor Tom Taylor said.

The appliances picked up have to be in working order, and you can give away up to two appliances a year for $30 each.

If you would like yours picked up or would like more information about the program, CLICK HERE.