Recovery effort for Good Samaritan who may have fallen into Rock River

JEFFERSON COUNTY -- Search teams combing the Rock River called it a night in Jefferson County Thursday, and a man is still missing. They're now calling the search for 33-year-old Tyler Prichard of Jackson, Wis. a recovery effort. Jefferson County Sheriff's officials say the man is a Good Samaritan that was trying to assist a woman involved in a car accident early Thursday morning.

Jefferson County Sheriff's officials say a woman involved in a car accident on the Hwy. 26 Business Bypass told them a man trying to help her fell into the Rock River. Rescue crews combed the river all day Thursday, searching for Prichard. Officials say Prichard checked the driver's condition after her vehicle smashed into the bridge wall, and then suggested they get off the bridge, due to the conditions. They say Prichard swung his leg over the bridge wall and fell into the Rock River. Officials say they believe Prichard may not have known he was over water.

The Jefferson Fire Department arrived on the scene Thursday morning and the fire chief said it was supposed to be a swift rescue, but due to factors like cold temperatures and icy conditions, they ran into some issues.

"Our neighboring departments and us, train for these types of incidents, and we were pretty confident this morning when we were called into action that we were going to do a retrieval very quickly, so it has been a very frustrating, aggravating day that we haven't been able to pull this gentleman from the river," Jefferson Fire Chief Ron Wegner said.

The search for the man will resume Friday at 9:00 a.m. The fire chief has requested additional dive teams to assist in the effort.