Recall: Trader Joe's pulls White Bean & Basil Hummus from stores

Trader Joe's has announced that it is recalling certain hummus products because of concern over listeria.

In Wisconsin, the Trader Joe's White Bean & Basil Hummus with SKU# 91107 is affected.

Trader Joe's said on its website the following:

We have been alerted by our hummus supplier that the following products with "USE BY" dates up through and including "12/15/16" and plant identification code "C", have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

All potentially affected products have been removed from store shelves and destroyed.

To clarify, products with plant identification code "J" were produced in a different facility and are NOT affected by this recall. In addition, Trader Joe’s Mediterranean Hummus Snack Pack with Pita Chips (SKU #97136) is NOT part of this recall.

If you purchased any of the Mediterranean Hummus or White Bean & Basil Hummus with the specified plant identification and date codes, please do not eat it. We urge you to discard the product or return it to any Trader Joe’s for a full refund.

If you have any questions, you may call Trader Joe’s Customer Relations at (626) 599-3817 or send us an email.

Trader Joe's is also recalling its Mediterranean Hummus. But it is NOT sold in Wisconsin.