Recall petitions for Lt. Governor now posted online

MADISON -- More than 850,000 petitions signed in an effort to recall Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch were posted online by the Governor Accountability Board (GAB) Friday.


Now volunteers with the Republican Party of Wisconsin and a group called "Verify the Recall" will go over them to see if they can find questionable signatures they feel should be disqualified.

Kleefisch spoke to the Elm Grove Kiwanis Club Friday. Kleefisch told FOX6 in the end she believes all sides will unite and focus on jobs. "There is no doubt in my mind that when this is all over the state will unite because we have a reputation for being ethical, and hardworking, but passionate people. We've spent a year being passionate about politics. I think what we need now is to come together as neighbors," said Kleefisch.

Democrats feel confident the recall elections will happen. "They'll have to invalidate half of the signatures, which will never be done, or there's going to be a recall election, so it's within their right. We're not afraid of democracy. We're not afraid of the will of the people. It seems like there is only one person who is and that's Scott Walker," said Graeme Zielinski of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Democrats have mounted recall attempts against five other Republicans, including Galloway, Moulton, Wanggaard, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau and Gov. Scott Walker.

Democrats and their allies want to exact revenge on them for enacting a host of divisive legislative proposals, chief among them Walker's contentious collective bargaining law, which stripped most public workers of nearly all their union rights.