Real life superheroes collect toys, donations for children

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Several real life superheroes made a public appearance Saturday afternoon, December 14th in Milwaukee, collecting toys, art supplies and cash donations for kids.

The Challengers' annual holiday toy drive took place at Dryhootch on Brady St. It's an event that has spread across the country.

The Watchman, Skyscraper, Blackbird and Night Vision were some of the superheroes who took part in the toy drive.

"People come up and ask us and it gives us a chance to tell them what we're doing and let them know why we're out here," said The Watchman. "Some people think it's wonderful, some people think it's a little corny, some people get inspired and want to do something themselves."

The superheroes say Saturday's toy drive exceeded their expectations.

All donations will benefit the Meta House in Riverwest and the Gingerbread House in West Bend.