Ready or not, Facebook's Timeline is coming

MILWAUKEE -- Facebook users take note. If you have not already changed over to the Timeline, Facebook will automatically do it for you on Saturday, March 31st. But you won't be alone -- more than 800 million users are affected by the switch.

What makes Timeline different? Quite simply, it makes your photos more prominent; easier to find. It also organizes your posts chronologically.

Timeline is dominated by what is known as a cover picture. It's a massive picture featured at the top of your page -- it's the first thing people see when they visit your timeline.

Timeline also allows your friends and fans to easier find your Facebook posts from a long time ago. Once you make the switch, you'll notice there's a "spine" down the middle of the page which is the timeline. In the upper right-hand part of the site, there's also a more broad timeline which allows you to jump to other years.

Just below, we have provided a YouTube video from the official Facebook to explain exactly how Timeline works.

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Not everyone is thrilled that Timeline is coming. What do you think about the move? Add a comment to our story just below.