Read it: Reaction after House approves rules for President Trump impeachment inquiry

WASHINGTON — Democrats set the stage Wednesday for certain House approval of the ground rules lawmakers will use when they consider impeaching President Donald Trump as the chamber braced for its first showdown over the inquiry.

Below is reaction to the vote:

Rep. Ron Kind

“As a former special prosecutor, I believe that it is imperative for the House to uncover all of the facts and evidence so that an appropriate remedy can be determined. Today the House took steps necessary to move forward with the investigation in a manner that will make testimony and facts public and give the President the opportunity to defend his actions. I firmly believe that impeachment should be the last resort, but as a co-equal branch of government, Congress has a constitutional obligation to investigate any misconduct—regardless of political party.”

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner

“An unfair process can only lead to an unfair result, and this entire process has been fundamentally unfair to the President. Just as no American — including the President — is above the law, no one is below it either. Yet, Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Schiff continue to rob the President of his due process rights. The rules outlined in today’s resolution fall embarrassingly short of any objective fairness and will further damage the credibility of our institution.”

Rep. Gwen Moore

“Today, I voted for a measure today to formalize the next steps in the ongoing impeachment inquiry that supports a transparent investigation. This vote protects the rights of the President, allows Trump’s lawyers to cross-examine witnesses and guarantees open hearings throughout the process. From there, Members of Congress and the American people can reach conclusions based on the evidence about the serious allegations regarding the President’s abuse of power, betrayal of his oath and other illegitimate activities.

I never came to Congress to impeach a president, but I will never shirk from my responsibilities to uphold the Constitution and defend our democracy.

In his official capacity, Trump solicited a foreign power to improve his reelection chances. Abuse of power by this or any other President cannot go ignored. That’s why this vote is so important.”

Congressman Bryan Steil

“I oppose the ongoing impeachment inquiry. Impeachment is a serious power invested in Congress by the Constitution. From the start, the process has been secretive and lacked due process. Today’s resolution does not provide the president with due process protections that were afforded to both President Clinton and President Nixon. Instead of obsessing over impeachment, let’s focus on the issues facing the American people. For example, in 21 days, funding for our military is set to expire, and this is barely being discussed. We should also be working to address the rising cost of prescription drugs, securing the border, and passing USMCA. This impeachment inquiry continues to jeopardize opportunities for us to work together.”