Raymond Baker charged in second homicide of 2012

MILWAUKEE -- Raymond Baker is now charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the murder of Desiree Harrell. Harrell was found shot to death in a car just south of 24th and Capitol on Monday, January 2nd.

The criminal complaint says Harrell was slumped over the center console of of the car while seated int he driver's seat when officers found her. The engine was on and revving at high rpms because her foot was still on the pedal.

Harrell suffered a gunshot to her left side and upper arm.
On Wednesday, January 4th, the complaint says Baker walked into the Third District Police Station in Milwaukee. He stated he knew "he was a suspect in this case and that he wanted to talk to police."
Baker told police Harrell was the "lover of his wife." The complaint says on January 2nd, Baker was completing a drug deal when he saw Harrell driving her vehicle. He followed her until she parked her car. Baker walked over to the car. Harrell made a comment that apparently angered Baker. That's when he allegedly pulled out a gun and began firing at Harrell in the car.

The gun in this case had been thrown in a garbage can near 2503 N. 39th St.

If convicted of the charge, Baker faces up to life in prison.