Rahm Emanuel helps raise money for Mayor Barrett

MILWAUKEE -- Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel helped raise money for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett during a luncheon at the Italian Community Center Wednesday - a strong sign that Barrett will enter a likely recall race against Gov. Scott Walker.

Tickets for Wednesday's luncheon ranged from $400 each to $2,500 for a table.The luncheon was closed to the media, and outside, there were about 75 demonstrators.

Barrett is running for re-election as mayor. He has said he'll announce whether he's jumping into the governor's race sometime between Friday and Tuesday. Earlier this month, Barrett said: "I'm seriously considering that office, but again, I love being the mayor of the city of Milwaukee, so that's what I'm focusing on right now."

Edward McDonald is challenging Barrett in Milwaukee's mayoral race. McDonald says he's waiting for Barrett to declare whether he will run for governor. "He's done this three times now, where he's used the office of Mayor as a safety net in order to advance his career," McDonald said.

FOX6 News made repeated attempts to contact Mayor Barrett Wednesday, but was unable. Barrett's announcement on whether he'll run in a potential recall against Governor Walker is expected before next Tuesday's elections.