Racine police officers celebrate boy's 5th birthday: 'Thanks for lifting us up today Jayden'

RACINE -- Racine police celebrated the 5th birthday of a young boy named Jayden Cobb on Sunday, May 31.

A Facebook post on the Racine Police Department page reads as follows:

"Jayden was fully suited-up for duty on his big day, so a few of his brothers in law took time to celebrate his first official day on the job.

"Jayden’s (great) aunt and uncle served as members of the Racine Police Department and Jayden’s father was a respected member of the Racine Police Explorer Post.

"As we experience turbulent times and adversarial police-community relations on a national level, our hope for a brighter future is in the Jayden’s of the community to rise up to take the mantle.

"If this post inspired you, please join us in congratulating Jayden, and join us in locating the next generation of peacekeepers.

"Thanks for lifting us up today Jayden, and Happy Birthday!"

Credit: Racine Police Department

Credit: Racine Police Department

Credit: Racine Police Department