Racine offers entrepreneurs, business owners a "very powerful tool kit"

RACINE -- Racine city officials say "unemployment numbers" are dropping as new businesses move in. Now, the mayor says entrepreneurs can find everything they need in one package.

For more than a decade, Racine has been putting money back into its various business districts -- offering incentives for entrepreneurs to either move in or spruce up. Still, empty storefronts are not hard to spot.

Racine Mayor John Dickert now offers this...

"We're here today to introduce a very powerful tool kit," Dickert said.

The city has compiled every available benefit and grant and incentive to start or grow a business in Racine. It includes tax credits, training grants and technology loans being offered right now.

"So now, they don't have to go around and search and ask questions as to who meets that requirement or what's available to them. Now we say 'here is the tool kit for you,'" Dickert said.

Racine Mayor John Dickert

Mayor Dickert attributes a dropping unemployment rate to Racine's focus on pro-business programs. He believes streamlining everything available into one publication will better reach future Racine employers.

"We look to two things here in Racine. Number one -- trying to get people started and new entrepreneurship and new businesses and number two -- making sure that when they are hiring, they are hiring locally," Dickert said.

Everything listed in Racine's business development portfolio can be found by CLICKING HERE.