Racine moves its post-prom festivities from downtown

STURTEVANT -- For the first time in 61 years, the Racine's massive post-prom festivities will not be held in downtown Racine. The festivities are moving from Festival Hall on the lakefront -- to the Sturtevant SportsPlex.

About 1,500 prom-goers from eight schools attended the 2011 event at Festival Hall, and that's a large part of the reason why the festivities have been moved -- lack of indoor space.

"It's like a really big deal here, I mean, everybody, they get real into it," Racine Case High School senior, Evan Hibbs said.

"It's nothing like winter formal, or homecoming, at all. It's, like, huge!" Case senior, Taylor Schiffer-Jander, said.

In the past, the Rotary Club of downtown Racine has rented tents and heaters to expand the room available at Festival Hall. Unpredictable weather has forced the Club to cancel some of the events.

"It's hard for us to see the girls shivering in their evening dresses and walking around with their boy's jacket on because it's cold outside," Jessica McPhail, president of the Rotary Club of downtown Racine said.

While there's been some hesitation to the change in Racine, McPhail is focused on what she anticipates will be a great post-prom 2012.

The post-prom event is being held on May 19th.