Racine midwife releases 2014 Home Birth Dads calendar

RACINE (WITI) -- A Racine midwife has produced a project that is getting international attention -- the 2014 Home Birth Dads calendar.

Kimberly McGuinness-Rook, owner of Innerbirth Midwifery, says the calendar features men wearing fake baby bumps and acting out the child birthing experience. McGuinness-Rook hopes the calendar promotes more appreciation for women giving birth.

"I wanted something unique and we thought at first that we should photograph dads with their babies, but then we thought why not photograph them doing role reversals, with the dads in costume and in the same positions their wives were in during labor," said McGuinness-Rook.

Most of McGuinness-Rook's clients were surprised by her request, but happy to support the project.