Racine men accused of firing paintball guns at vehicles, pedestrians; marijuana found at home

RACINE -- Two Racine men are facing charges, accused of firing paintball guns at vehicles and pedestrians. Prosecutors say investigators found marijuana at one man's home.

Kerrion Marsh, 20, of Racine faces one count of possession of THC and one count of disorderly conduct.

Zavion Ford, 19, is also charged in this case.

According to a criminal complaint, police in Racine received numerous complaints regarding paintball shots being fired, beginning on April 13.

On that day, investigators took a look at surveillance footage, which showed Marsh and Ford, along with other "documented members" of the DirtyP street gang entering Durham's store and purchasing paintball equipment -- leaving with other individuals when they were fired on by individuals outside the store. Investigators also received information that Ford was driving a vehicle with occupants of his vehicle firing a paintball gun from the moving vehicle at pedestrians and homes.

On April 18, police visited Marsh's home after he failed to respond to an officer's request to contact him. The complaint says officers detected an odor of THC coming from the home, and there was a bag with dried green plant-like material on a kitchen table next to where Marsh was standing. It weighed 17.4 grams and tested positive for THC. In Marsh's bedroom, investigators found a jar with a rolled bag of green plant-like material that weighed 4.7 grams and tested positive for THC. He admitted it was his.

On Marsh's bed, investigators found an "open-face shield used for paintball competition" and a bag containing 500 paintballs on the floor.

According to the complaint, Marsh and Ford admitted to being at Dunham's on April 13, and said they've purchased Co2 refills, ammunition and accessories there multiple times. Marsh said he "didn't shoot much from moving vehicles," but he admitted that he shot "numerous times" in Racine at people and vehicles, normally while on foot. He said he purchased more than 2,000 rounds of paintball ammunition and had 500 left. The complaint says he acknowledged he shouldn't be firing a paintball gun in the city and apologized.

Marsh made his initial appearance in court on April 19. Probable cause was found for further proceedings, and he pleaded not guilty. Cash bond was set at $1,500. A pre-trial conference was set for May 24.