Racine man whipping up controversy over flag

RACINE -- It's a flag that has stood in front of Dennis Montey's house for more than 50 years.  But he says for the first time, people are actually noticing it.  This, after Montey made a big change to the flag.  He turned it upside down.

"I'm a patriot, I'm not doing it to desecrate the flag.  I grew up in an age where we did the pledge of allegiance every morning in school," says Montey.

An upside down is the symbol for distress.  And following the results of the November election, Montey believes America is in trouble.

"Our freedoms are being whittled away at little by little.  We have a country that is bankrupt," says Montey.

Montey says the move is not because of sour grapes from who won the election.  He says he is not a democrat or republican, but a libertarian.  Montey says what really upsets him, is it does not appear Americans are aware of the severity of many of the problems facing the nation.

Neighbors along the street, aren't happy with the slight change to Montey's front yard.

"Crazy, wild and crazy," says one neighbor.

" I think it's disrespectful, he shouldn't do that even if he is not happy," says Racine native Cameron Phillip.

Like it or not, Montey says the flag will stay upside down, unless he sees changes.

"It will flip right side up when I see our government change the direction is it going, and start returning it to the attention that our forefather's intended it," says Montey.