Racine man sentenced to 20 years in prison in connection with crash that killed teenage girl

Thomas Macemon

RACINE COUNTY -- A Racine County judge sentenced 35-year-old Thomas Macemon to 20 years in prison and another 15 years of extended supervision on Friday, February 17th. This, in connection with a crash that killed a 13-year-old girl in Caledonia in August 2015.

Macemon pleaded guilty in November 2016 to the following charges:

    The crash in this case happened on Sunday evening, August 9, 2015 on Middle Road near 5 1/2 Mile Road. 13-year-old Sara Dresen was struck by Macemon’s vehicle.

    The complaint indicates when Caledonia police arrived on scene, Macemon’s vehicle was in the middle of the roadway with what appeared to be heavy front-end damage.

    13-year-old Sara Drazen struck by vehicle and killed in Caledonia

    Dresen was being attended to by two people who had come upon the scene. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Macemon was found lying near the edge of a gravel driveway — with what appeared to be an ankle injury. The complaint indicates officers found him to be “very disoriented.” He was asked whether he had been drinking, and police say Macemon told officers he had had “one drink” at a friend’s house earlier Sunday.

    At the hospital, the complaint indicates Macemon told paramedics he had had one shot of Hennessey Sunday.

    A drug recognition expert was called in to evaluate Macemon, and that expert was able to gather a preliminary breath test sample from him which indicated a BAC of .01.

    Eventually, Macemon told officials that in addition to the one shot of Hennessey he drank earlier Sunday, he had also smoked marijuana, and had “crushed up a Xanax pill earlier in the day — snorting it using a dollar bill.” He further stated that over the weekend, he had taken a round pill that a friend gave him — indicating he didn’t know what it was, according to the complaint.

    13-year-old Sara Drazen struck by vehicle and killed in Caledonia

    Police say Macemon changed his story multiple times, and “it was obvious he wasn’t being truthful.”

    The drug recognition expert said based on his evaluation, he believed Macemon was under the influence of depressants.

    The complaint indicates Macemon has a prior OWI conviction from 2011, a conviction for misdemeanor possession of THC from 2004, a conviction for bail jumping from 2000, and a conviction for possession of THC from 2000.

    Officers investigating the crash indicated it appeared as though Macemon’s vehicle had crossed the center line, as well as the opposite lane of traffic before entering the ditch line.  A speed limit sign was ripped out of the ground, and there were significant divots in the ground that appeared to be the result of the vehicle making contact with the ditch embankment.

    Police interviewed three witnesses to the crash, who indicated Macemon’s vehicle crossed the center line as it headed northbound on Middle Road. When the vehicle hit the ditch, the witnesses indicated it went up on two wheels — hitting Sara Dresen on the west side of Middle Road.

    After striking Dresen, Macemon’s vehicle hit the speed limit sign and a telephone pole.