Racine man pleads not guilty to charges he molested children

RACINE -- Alexander Richter, the Racine man accused of sexually assaulting at least six young children pleaded not guilty to all 49 charges against him in court on Wednesday, November 21st.

29-year-old Richter appeared in court on charges related to sexual assault of a child and child pornography. Prosecutors say Richter attended Gateway Technical College, and would befriend parents and offer to babysit their children. They say inside his Racine apartment, he filmed himself assaulting the children.

Prosecutors say they found several DVDs containing evidence inside Richter's apartment -- one of them titled "Monster Unleashed."

David Ellis was in a class with Richter at Gateway Technical College, where Richter is accused of befriending parents in need of a sitter. Ellis described Richter as "off."

"We really didn't talk. He didn't talk a lot in class. He talked to the teacher, but he didn't talk to any of the students really. He was really smart but you never would've thought he'd do something like that," Ellis said.

Other students said they did not know Richter, but had heard of the charges.

"To be honest. That's just sick. Absolutely disgusting. Something that can't be tolerated, period," one student said.

Richter pleaded not guilty to all of the charges against him. 

A family member of one of the victims appeared in court Wednesday. When she heard Richter's pleas, she gasped. She later declined an on-camera interview with FOX6 News.

Richter is due back in court on Friday, December 21st for a pre-trial hearing.

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