Racine man facing charges after choking wife

RACINE (WITI) --43-year-old Marcus Mcgowan of Racine is facing one count of strangulation and suffocation, one count of substantial battery and one count of disorderly conduct. This, after he allegedly became violent with his wife during a domestic dispute.

According to the criminal complaint, Racine police were dispatched to 5113 Biscayne Avenue, Apartment # 4, regarding an assault on Sunday, June 16th.

Upon arrival, police made contact with a woman who stated that she had been severely strangled by her husband, Marcus Mcgowan. The woman stated that Mcgowan was currently inside their apartment and he was intoxicated.

The criminal complaint indicates that Mcgowan grasped the woman's throat with both of his hands and squeezed her throat while on top of her chest, pinning her arms down with his elbows. The victim stated she was able to yell for help maybe two times before Mcgowan squeezed even harder,  nearly causing her to black out.

Mcgowan allegedly threw the woman onto the floor in an attempt to cover her mouth with both of his hands to keep her from yelling. In the complaint, the victim stated that Mcgowan was on top of her, attempting to force his fingers into her mouth to keep her from yelling.

The victim was able to escape the apartment through the patio.

According to the criminal complaint, neighbors heard the assault and contacted police.