Racine man charged with fifth OWI

RACINE -- Racine police have charged 46-year-old James Hansen Jr. with his fifth OWI after a traffic stop on February 8th.

Racine police say Hansen was pulled over after his license plate was read and it was discovered that his registration was suspended. The police sergeant activated his emergency lights but Hansen did not immediately pull over, according to the criminal complaint. Hansen told the officer he didn't pull over right away because he knew his registration was expired and didn't want his vehicle towed.

The criminal complaint says Hansen's vehicle had a November 2009 registration sticker, though DOT records showed the registration actually expired in July 2009.

The officer noticed Hansen's speech was slurred, and he emitted a "strong odor of intoxicants." Hansen told the officer he drank one beer, and was headed home from Coaster's Bar. When field sobriety tests were administered, Hansen failed the walk-and-turn and the one-leg stand. Dispatch then notified the officer that Hansen had three prior OWI convictions, and thus his prohibited alcohol concentration would be lowered to .02. Hansen's BAC was reported at .87 and he was taken into custody for an OWI.