Racine man charged after allegedly fleeing from traffic stop

RACINE (WITI) -- A Racine man faces charges after authorities say he fled the scene after officers attempted a traffic stop on Valentine's Day.

23-year-old Christopher Rolle of Racine faces the following charges:

    Racine police officers were on patrol on Friday, February 14th in the area of Packard Avenue and 16th Street when they observed a vehicle operating eastbound on 16th Street passing them.

    At this time, the criminal complaint in the case says police observed two front passengers were not wearing seat belts -- and the vehicle did not have working brake lights.

    The complaint says a traffic stop was initiated in the 1400 block of South Memorial Drive. The complaint says the vehicle slowed down, but continued traveling -- an an officer said that based on his training and experience, when vehicles continue to drive at a slow speed when being stopped by police, they are often hiding or destroying illegal contraband or weapons.

    The complaint says the vehicle was eventually stopped in the 1300 block of South Memorial Drive.

    As officers approached the vehicle, the complaint says they observed a backseat passenger place a white, chunky substance in a clear plastic baggie in his mouth.

    The complaint says one of the officers went to a second officer on scene and said: "He's eating dope."

    The complaint says as officers attempted to get the passenger out of the vehicle, it appeared as though he was attempting to escape and flee. The complaint says this passenger resisted arrest and did not comply with officers' orders to stop resisting.

    The complaint says it is then when Rolle put the vehicle into drive and accelerated at a high rate of speed -- causing one officer to strike the back frame of the door of the vehicle.

    Additionally, the complaint says the officers had to let go of the passenger they were trying to apprehend, and jump out of the way of the vehicle.

    The officers went back to their patrol vehicle and attempted to follow the vehicle that had just fled from the traffic stop.

    Eventually, the complaint says the officers came upon the vehicle parked in the middle of the roadway on 12th Street, and noticed Rolle and the passenger fleeing on foot.

    The complaint says Rolle ignored all lawful commands to stop -- but he was eventually apprehended in the 1100 block of South Memorial Drive.

    Officers located a large amount of money and two cell phones on Rolle's person. The total amount of money confiscated was $851.

    The complaint says Rolle told officers he does not have a job, and gets money from "girls."

    The complaint says an officer began retracking Rolle's flight path -- looking for evidence, and discovered a clear plastic baggie in the 1100 block of Lockwood, with both corners cut out of it.

    The passenger was apprehended in the 1200 block of South Memorial Drive. The complaint says that while he was fleeing, he was carrying a backpack, and ignored commands to stop.

    The complaint says the passenger was found to have a large amount of money ($680 total), and also had a knotted plastic baggie containing a dry, greenish leafy substance (4.8 grams). That substance tested positive for THC.

    The complaint says the passenger told officials: "I wasn't selling dope. That's for personal use."

    In searching the backpack in this case, officers discovered a package of synthetic marijuana (1.8 grams), according to the complaint.

    Rolle has a criminal history including convictions for resisting or obstructing (repeater) -- in 2012 and 2010 and possession of a firearm by a felon in 2008.