Racine homicide suspect faces additional charges from jail

RACINE (WITI) -- 26-year-old Iryin Vaughn of Chicago is currently in the Racine County Jail, awaiting trial in the death of the mother of his children, Gwynevere Wright. Now, Vaughn faces additional charges in a criminal complaint dated April 3rd.

Vaughn faces the following charges: one count of threats to injure or accuse of a crime, one count of resisting an officer and one count of disorderly conduct.

A criminal complaint in the case says Vaughn began arguing with a Corrections Officer about a writeup he had received earlier in the day during his hour out. The complaint says Vaughn continued to yell and refused to lock down in his cell.

Additional Corrections Officers were called to a common room and attempted to speak with Vaughn. The criminal complaint indicates Vaughn was pacing back and forth in the day room and yelling out, saying he was unhappy that a Corrections Officer had written him up -- and asking to speak with a supervisor.

Eventually, Vaughn was placed into handcuffs and his cell was searched for contraband. Once he reached the cell, a criminal complaint indicates Vaughn jammed his feet against the cell doors and pushed two Corrections Officers backwards.  The criminal complaint says Vaughn continued to resist, calling the Corrections Officers "weak," and saying he would kill them all on the street.

The criminal complaint says a Corrections Officer delivered three or four controlled strikes to Vaughn's abdomen and commanded he stop resisting.

The criminal complaint indicates a restraint chair was brought in, and Vaughn was placed in the chair, where he continued to fight and yell and staff -- saying he was going to kill everyone when he is out.

Prosecutors say Vaughn stabbed his girlfriend, Gwynevere Wright, 25 times in the apartment they shared. They say he then took off with their two-year-old daughter. That prompted an Amber Alert. The girl was found unharmed in Illinois.