Racine four-year-old saves diabetic mom's life

RACINE -- He's only in kindergarten, but a Racine four-year-old boy is being recognized by the Racine Fire Department for saving the life of his mother and unborn brother.

Just last month, Juan Zuniga was at home with his mother when her blood sugar level dropped. Since his mom suffers from diabetes, they have practiced how to handle emergencies. "To me, I owe him my life. I gave him life and now I owe him my life," Juan's mother Leticia Zuniga said.

When Juan found his mother on the floor, he checked her blood sugar level. "She had been laying on the floor for two hours, and he had been bringing her food until her blood sugar was high enough and she was able to give him some further instructions. I'm very proud of what he did and he deserves all of the accolades that he gets," Racine Fire Department Lt. Nicholas Hempel said.

Once she was able, Juan got the phone for his mom so she could call 911. "He called just in time, because they told me if I would've stayed out for at least another 20 to 30 more minutes I would've went into a coma, which is kind of scary," Zuniga said.

To honor Juan, the Racine Fire Department gave him an outstanding citizen award and let him and his classmates tour a fire rescue squad. Fire officials also used this opportunity to teach kids what to do in emergency situations. "That's why it's an emergency - you never know when it's coming and who's going to be able to make that phone call, whether it's an adult or a child," Hempel said.

Juan's parents say they couldn't be more proud of their little boy. "I'm just hoping his little brother comes out the same way," Zuniga said.