Racine County Sheriff warns drivers to stay off the roads

RACINE (WITI) -- The Racine County Sheriff's Office says it has already been a busy week and is bracing for the next few days of bitter cold. The county got more snow Saturday, January 4th and with the temperatures dropping, officials are advising drivers to stay off the roads.

"We've been getting a lot of crashes," said Racine County Sheriff Chris Schmaling.

With snowfall covering part of I-94, Schmaling says the department is ready to deal with more accidents.

"I would fully expect under this snow is a sheet of ice," said Schmaling. "One person not paying attention, one person traveling too fast and you could have a disaster on your hands."

Schmaling is warning drivers not to travel unless absolutely necessary. He says if you must go out, it's important to be prepared.

"I would recommend a full tank of gas, a fully charged cell phone and a cold weather bag," Schmaling said. "You have to expect the unexpected when you're driving on Wisconsin roadways in the winter."

If you are out driving, tell someone where you are going and stay on main roads. If you have an accident, Schmaling says to stay in your car while help arrives.