Racine County law enforcement amps up patrols for Fourth of July weekend

RACINE COUNTY -- Area law enforcement agencies are stepping up patrols during the long holiday weekend. That includes authorities in Racine, saturating I-94 and other portions of the county. On Saturday, July 6 FOX6 News got to ride along with a Racine County deputy as he worked to protect the people on the road and assist at the scene of a crash.

With radar in hand, Deputy Tommy Sharrett focused on interstate traffic in Racine County on Saturday.

"It's a clear shot. Northbound traffic on the interstate," said Deputy Sharrett.

Deputy Sharrett was looking for speeding drivings in a construction zone. He's just one of many deputies involved in the county's saturation patrols.

"I just know that it's been a relatively busy weekend for all of us," said Sharrett.

Christopher Schmaling

It's a common operation for the county, says Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling.

"It's important that we upbeat our patrols, make sure that we have a presence," said Schmaling.

Authorities are targeting I-94, with an influx of traffic stops.

Deputy Sharrett stopped a vehicle for failing to signal multiple times. The driver received a warning and lesson.

"We've had so many crashes up here and incident, we do not need any others," Sharrett said.

Chain-reaction crash on I-94 in Racine County

Saturday afternoon, first responders clogged the interstate after a multi-vehicle crash near County Highway A.

"The left lane is closed. You have people that are stopped," said Sharrett. "The number one goal for us here is traffic safety."

Sheriff Schmaling says the holiday weekend saturation patrols are not designed to pull people over and write citations, but keep families safe.