Racine County gets salt supply regenerated in the nick of time

RACINE/KENOSHA COUNTIES (WITI) -- With more snow expected this week, salt supplies are strained -- but Racine County got some relief, just in the nick of time!

It is a winter that seems never-ending!

"It's gotta end! It's too much," Johnny Green said.

This winter has brought snow, ice and extreme cold.

"All of a sudden it's like here we go again!" Greg Tomasek said.

The coming snow has drivers bracing for what could be a slippery ride on Wednesday, February 5th.

"Even when it's not snowing, it blows and it's a nightmare," Green said.

A nightmare that has counties on edge. The last couple of months has put a strain on the Racine County Department of Public Works.

"We've gone through an enormous amount of salt this winter," Julie Anderson with the Racine County DPW said.

Racine County went through 8,000 tons of salt in January -- but this week came some relief.

"Our salt supply has really been regenerated over the past week," Anderson said.

About 2,500 tons of salt recently arrived.

"To see the supply replenished, it just gives us a better sense of comfort," Anderson said.

The salt comes just in time for another snowfall.

Racine County isn't taking any chances -- mixing two parts sand and one part salt.

"Just to let the supply stretch a little bit," Anderson said.

The Racine County DPW is preparing for more of the same -- but looking forward to spring!

"We hope that February and March aren't anything like January and December were," Anderson said.

The salt and sand mixture is only being applied to county highways -- and is also occurring in Kenosha County.

Both counties are applying pure salt to the interstates, to make sure they are safe for drivers.

Meanwhile, two ships, each carrying 27,000 tons of salt are en rout for the Port of Milwaukee from Canada.

The boats were supposed to arrive on Tuesday, February 4th, but it was delayed by ice.

They should now arrive on Wednesday.