Racine correctional officer charged after drug bust at his home

RACINE (WITI) -- 42-year-old Christopher Hall of Racine has been charged in connection with a drug bust that occurred at his residence in the 3000 block of Charles Street. FOX6 News has learned Hall is an employee of the Racine Correctional Institution -- serving as a Correctional Sergeant since 2004.

Hall faces one count of manufacture/deliver THC, possession with intent to deliver or manufacture THC and maintaining a drug trafficking place.

A search warrant was executed at Hall's residence on Charles Street on January 17th.

As entry to the residence was made, the criminal complaint in the case indicates officers discovered two rooms dedicated to growing marijuana in the west end of the basement -- toward the front of the house.

The complaint says both rooms had lights suspended from the ceilings and in both rooms there was extra insulation in the walls.

The complaint says one room had multiple plants, and one room had a large plant that only had leaves towards the top. The complaint says there was a very tall bare stem, indicating marijuana had been harvested from that area of the plant.

Officers located marijuana in the home, and set aside to dry. Officers also discovered different kinds of sifters and grinders, as well as separators and packaging material in the basement, according to the complaint.

One of the scales found in the home had a capacity of over 7,000 grams. Additionally, the complaint indicates there were different strains of marijuana in containers labeled as being different kinds of marijuana.

The complaint says five marijuana plants had a total gross weight of 1,995.80 grams.

The complaint says there were four additional marijuana plants approximately six feet tall, and some plants were less than six inches tall.

The total gross weight of these plants was 111.10 grams.

The complaint says there were additional marijuana plant stalk and leaves located in 15 drying trays that had a total gross weight of 816.4 grams.

The complaint says there was marijuana in a container that was labeled "me first" that had a weight of 41.9 grams.

There was an additional 25.3 grams located in a jar labeled "blue dream," and an additional jar with no label containing 73.9 grams of vegetable material, according to the complaint.

An additional 9.6 grams was located in a glass jar, and 12 marijuana cigarettes were discovered, weighing 7.2 grams, according to the complaint.

The complaint says officers also discovered plastic jars containing rooting supplements for the plants -- and some additional marijuana weighing 30 grams was located in a basement storage closet. There was also a container labeled "Blue Dream" that had a gross weight of 27.7 grams.

The complaint says marijuana seeds labeled "Sour Diesel," "Master Kush," and "Blue Dream" located in a basement storage closet.

The complaint says identifiers for Christopher Hall were discovered at the residence, along with currency and weapons.