Racine Co. mom found passed out behind wheel with kids in car appears in court

RACINE -- Jacqueline Robinson appeared in Racine County court on Thursday, Jan. 2 charged with three felonies and two misdemeanors. Robinson appeared without an attorney -- the hearing was promptly adjourned. Robinson is due back in court on Jan. 22.

Prosecutors say Robinson, 30, is the Racine County mother found passed out behind the wheel with a 5-year-old girl and a 2-year-old girl in her vehicle. Officials say she had fentanyl on her when a deputy found her vehicle stopped less than two miles from her home.

Jacqueline Robinson

A deputy found Robinson passed out behind the wheel shortly before 3 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 17 on State Highway 20. A criminal complaint said she was parked in the westbound lane “in an especially dangerous portion of the roadway” in the middle of a curve so drivers coming from behind wouldn’t have time to avoid a crash. The brake lights were activated, a dome light was on, and loud music was coming from the vehicle.

The deputy said Robinson appeared to be passed out or sleeping, with her head resting against the window and door. The front windshield was smashed. The deputy was able to get the attention of the 5-year-old girl in the vehicle, who unlocked the front passenger door.

When this happened, the complaint said Robinson woke up, holding the 2-year-old child. When asked what happened, the complaint said Robinson replied, “I honestly…” At this point, the deputy noticed the vehicle was still in gear, so the deputy reached in and shifted it into park.

Prosecutors said Robinson indicated she had no idea what caused her windshield to shatter, and no idea where she was, despite the fact that she was about three minutes from home. She wasn’t positive about how long she had been parked there, telling the deputy, “Maybe the last 30 minutes.”

When asked when she didn’t call for help, Robinson said she tried reaching out to a friend but he was at work and didn’t call 911 because “I was just trying to get home.”