Racine Co. Dept. of Public Works prepares for storm

RACINE (WITI) -- With the snow starting to fall Friday night, December 13th, plows and salt trucks have taken to the streets and residents are preparing for another winter storm.

"Getting salt -- our snow blower broke so I'm probably going to get a shovel, too," said Pam Kramer of Racine. "As long as I don't have to drive, I'm not going to drive in the snow."

In light of Sunday's huge pileup along a two-mile stretch on I-94, the Racine County Department of Public Works is trying to avoid a similar situation. Drivers have been preparing their trucks, loading up on salt and getting ready for a long night as 30 trucks will be out on county and state roads.

Drivers are preparing for travel, as well.

"We have kitty litter and a shovel and a light and warm clothes and our cell phones are all charged up," said Marguerite Woodfell.

Public Works has had trucks on the road since 3 p.m. Friday and they plan on being out over night to make sure the streets are clear.