"Race for the Hungry" collects food for charity

MILWAUKEE -- It was a race against time Tuesday as shoppers tried to fill up their shopping carts with items from a list as quickly as possible. It was all part of North Shore Bank's "Race for the Hungry," and it took place at El Rey Food Mart.

Sonia Castro and Macedonia Escobedo were the lucky shoppers chosen to dash through El Rey Food Mart's aisles, filling their carts with grocery staples like cereal, noodles, juice and canned goods. "I'm going to put all my efforts, all my energy in, so I can win this race!" Castro said.

The effort was part of North Shore Bank's third annual "Race for the Hungry," and all the food goes to help people in need, at the Milwaukee Christian Center. "Usually, their bank is depleted at this time, after the holidays, and this helps replenish some of their supply," Janet Dexter said. The Milwaukee Christian Center serves over 80 people every day, and they say they're happy to accept this donation. "It's really needed for the food pantry!" Elida Munoz said.

Tuesday, more than 80 pounds of food was collected during the "supermarket sweep," and the first shopper to finish won a $100 grocery gift card. In the end, Escobedo won the race, but she says the biggest winner is the thousands of people the food collected will benefit. "It's better for the people. A lot of people have no food in the house," Escobedo said.

Castro took home a $50 gift card for her efforts. A total of $637 worth of groceries will be donated to the Milwaukee Christian Center, to help those in need.