Race for SCOWIS: Rebecca Bradley, JoAnne Kloppenburg to meet for debate at MU

MILWAUKEE — Rebecca Bradley and JoAnne Kloppenburg are launching the first TV ads of their general election race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and they'll meet for a debate on Tuesday evening, March 15th in Milwaukee.

Bradley, who was appointed to the court last fall to finish the late Patrick Crooks' term, played up endorsements from judges and law enforcement. Her spot featured unidentified figures in judicial robes and sheriff's department uniforms.

Kloppenburg, a Court of Appeals judge, attacked Bradley's independence by noting she has been appointed to three judgeships in recent years by Gov. Scott Walker.

The Kloppenburg campaign said its ad was running statewide, but didn't immediately release the size of its ad buy. The Bradley campaign said its ad would eventually run statewide, with a six-figure ad buy.

The pair will debate Tuesday evening at Marquette University.

Bradley and Kloppenburg met in a candidates' forum last week. Kloppenburg criticized Bradley for anti-gay college writings and leaving oral arguments early. Bradley apologized, pushed back and went after Kloppenburg over how best to interpret the Constitution.

The election is April 5th.