Race for mayor of Milwaukee: Big endorsements for incumbent Tom Barrett, challenger Bob Donovan

MILWAUKEE -- Incumbent Tom Barrett and challenger Bob Donovan picked up big endorsements on Wednesday, March 16th in the race for mayor of Milwaukee.

Tom Barrett and Herb Kohl

Former Senator Herb Kohl endorsed Mayor Tom Barrett inside Jake's Deli at 17th and North in Milwaukee.

"Going forward, he is the best person for the job. I can`t think of anyone who is more Milwaukee, more enthusiastic about our city, hopes and aspirations than Tom Barrett," Kohl said.

Standing next to Kohl, Barrett highlighted the mayoral accomplishments he's most proud of.

Tom Barrett

"There are more people working in the city of Milwaukee who are residents of the city of Milwaukee than at any time since 2001," Barrett said.

Meanwhile, challenger Bob Donovan received some big endorsements of his own.

The Milwaukee alderman is being backed by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, and the Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters Association.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke endorses Bob Donovan for mayor

"Tom Barrett had his chance and has failed miserably and it is time to change," Sheriff Clarke said.

"I`m here to tell you tonight, that he (Barrett) has absolutely zero support from the Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters Association," David Seager, Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters Association president said.

These endorsements are big for Donovan, who has built his campaign around issues of public safety.

Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters Association endorses Bob Donovan for mayor

"Without safety, nothing else positive can occur as far as I`m concerned," Donovan said.

The Milwaukee Police Association is also backing Donovan. The group endorsed him in January.

You may recall, the Milwaukee Fire Fighters Association backed Alderman Joe Davis during the primary.

Barrett was endorsed by President Barack Obama after his visit to Milwaukee earlier in March.

Bob Donovan and Tom Barrett