'Quite a mess:' SE Wisconsin residents assess their property damage following flooding

FRANKLIN -- Thursday night's thunderstorms caused major flooding damage across southeastern Wisconsin. FOX6 traveled across our viewing area to find the place hardest hit -- and Franklin residents told us about their experiences.

Despite the sunny, breezy weather on Friday, many properties still show signs of Thursday night's weather. All people can do is continue to wait for the water to recede before the cleanup begins.

Flooding in SE WI

Erin Collins

People living along the White River in Walworth County woke up Friday morning to a pond running through their backyards.

"It makes quite a mess because everything in the river that's upriver ends up in our lawn," said Jim Michaels, who lives in Lyons.

Several inches of rain over the past four days caused the river to overflow, taking with it Erin Collins' trailer -- now stuck in the culvert.

Flooding in SE WI

Flooding in SE WI

"We had it on the other side of these bushes and trees," said Collins. "Thought it was pretty okay. Stainless steel, heavy metal. The next thing I know, I hear a crunching."

To the east in Kenosha County, waterfront properties on Lily Lake are now surrounded on all sides by at least half a foot of standing water.

"Last night was insane, just really torrential," said Bridget McCarthy, who is visiting from out of town to help her elderly mother dry out.

Bridget McCarthy

"Our garage is under a lot of water, but fortunately, since we've had this in previous years, we were prepared for it," said McCarthy. "So, electrical items are up -- but you can never really prepare for a calamity of this nature."

Even places as far north as Milwaukee County got pounded.

"Usually we have flooding, but it's never gone up this close to the house and been this much of a problem," said Kate Gray, who lives in Franklin.

Unable to walk to the bus or move the cars out of the driveway, Gray and her family took the day off from work and school to make the most of their soggy situation.

Kate Gray

"Is your butt wet? Oh no, oh no, we're going off roading!" said Gray. "I'm going to go swimming. I blew up a floaty and floated around my front yard this morning."

Gray says she also has two inches of standing water in her basement -- but since her driveway was flooded up to thigh-level this morning, even the plumber had trouble responding.

Flooding in SE WI

Flooding in SE WI