QAnon paintball soldier assault case: Attorney seeks deal

The attorney for a QAnon believer charged in both state and federal court with attacking two uniformed soldiers with paintballs in Pewaukee in March signaled he intends to work out an agreement with prosecutors in both cases.

Ian Olson, 31, of Nashotah was charged in both Waukesha County and the Eastern District of Wisconsin with allegedly shooting paintballs at US Army reservists outside the Reserve Center, 619 W. Wisconsin, on March 15.

He remains in custody after federal prosecutors argued he poses a serious threat to the community after allegedly saying he would cause a "mass casualty" event if released.

The married, father of two, has no criminal history. Olson was charged in March with criminal misdemeanors in Waukesha County; federal charges were later filed. A federal grand jury indicted Olson with attacking service members and resisting uniformed service members last month.

In a hearing before Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Laura Lau Monday, May 24, Olson’s defense attorney asked for time to work through the evidence in both cases.

"I was waiting to get the discovery in the federal case, which I have, and have forwarded it to Mr. Olson," said his attorney Thomas Olson. "So I need an opportunity to review both sets of discovery with him, and continue to work in some way to potentially resolve this, or work this out, being that he’s essentially charged with the same thing in two different venues."

Lau set a status hearing for August 9; a status hearing in the federal case is set for June 14.

According to a federal criminal complaint, Olson got out of his vehicle – which is spray-painted with QAnon slogans – and shouted "This is for America" while carrying what appeared to be an AR-15-style rifle. Olson allegedly shot two or three paintballs at the soldiers about 15 yards away.

After the paintball gun jammed, Olson said to the soldiers, "You’re lucky it jammed," and was then tackled by one of the reservists, who is a Waukesha County sheriff's deputy.

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Inside Olson’s car, police found a gas mask, throwing knives, police scanner, two-way radios, taser, and ballistic military-style vest plates. Police also found a three-page, hand-written "manifesto," according to court filings -- with a number of comments referencing "Q" and "my plan."

Court filings say Olson was in Washington, D.C., in early March on a date some QAnon supporters believed former President Donald Trump would be inaugurated. After making alarming statements to National Guard soldiers, U.S. Capitol Police found Olson was a danger to himself took him into custody for an evaluation. Filings say Olson was admitted to a psychiatric ward and released with medication.